Burn Notice

TV Series

EPISODE PREMIERE: August 7, 2008

When his client cannot back out of a crime ring, Michael must join the planning for a jewelry heist and destroy the group from within.

Oded Fehr plays Timo, the heist boss.

Writer: Ben Watkins (I)
Director: Rod Hardy
Star: Bruce Campbell (Sam Axe), Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen), Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona Glenanne), Sharon Gless (Madeline Westen)
Recurring Role: Tricia Helfer (Carla)

Guest Star: Oded Fehr (Timo), Joe Hess (Gilbert Kessler), Audrey Landers (Veronica), Paul Caesar (Guard), Aaron McPherson (CJ), Robin Givens (Kandi), Maurice Compte (Trevor)

Full synopsis: Spoiler warning!! (IMDb.com)