Covert Affairs

TV Series (USA Network, 2010-)
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Oded plays Mossad agent Eyal Lavine

EPISODE PREMIERE: August 3, 2010
Annie is sent to Zurich to complete a simple "brush pass" – meet her Mossad contact, swap briefcases, and head back to the U.S. But before she can complete her objective, the airport is attacked, and a man attempts to steal Annie's briefcase. Annie is able to fight him off and make it out of the Airport safely, but with the Zurich police looking to question her and her mission not completed, Annie is forced to hide her briefcase in a nearby hotel and seek out Fatma, a.k.a. "The Turk" – a bridge agent who promises Annie a new identity and transports her to a safe house. There, much to Annie's surprise, her Mossad contact, Eyal, is already waiting.
Not knowing whether she can trust Eyal, Annie turns to Auggie and the DPD for help – but Eyal cuts off communication before she can give away their position, worried that the CIA compromised their mission. Back in the DPD, Arthur begins conducting an investigation into who has been leaking information to Liza Hearn, pulling a number of staff – including Auggie – out of the DPD for polygraph tests. Without Auggie to guide her and stuck in the safe house with Eyal, Annie is unsure of what to do. But one thing is certain: whoever compromised their mission is still after them, and they're willing to kill for whatever's in the briefcases.

It's Annie's birthday and Auggie is back with the team. Joan skips the cake and gives Annie her next orders. Annie gets excited when she hears Paris is the destination. She's to cultivate an asset named Salma Devrient who works at the Syrian embassy.
On her quest to cultivate Salma into an asset, Annie must follow her throughout Paris: museums, streets and shoe stores. After "obtaining" an identical $7,000 dollar handbag, Annie does a simple bag switch to find any intel Salma might be carrying on her person.
With a little patience, Annie gets a call from Salma to arrange a meeting to exchange the bags. At a café, the two end up bonding over good wine and Annie discovers Salma is seeing a man named George. That evening, Annie invites Salma to a black-tie event at the Louvre. There, they both get an unexpected surprise as she continues to manipulate Salma into an asset.
Back in Langley, Joan isn't happy about Annie's spending spree in Paris. She pushes Annie to stay focused because the Agency has intelligence that a Syrian national named Chemical Kanaan has entered the country. He's no friend to a peaceful world and he's at the top of an international wanted list. Salma might be the key to finding him.

EPISODE PREMIERE: November 15, 2011
After discovering that Mossad agent Eyal Lavin is in Washington D.C., posing as a CIA operative, Annie is assigned to track Eyal and discover what he's doing in the United States.

EPISODE PREMIERE: August 14, 2012
When proprietary American technology is found in an Iranian missile, Annie is sent to Israel where, along with Eyal Lavin, she attempts to discover who leaked the technology.

EPISODE PREMIERE:  October 16, 2012
In a remote cabin in the Russian wilderness, Annie has done what she traveled across the world to do: kill her former mentor and Russian double agent Lena Smith. But, although Annie has gotten her revenge, she's hardly home free; it's not long before Russian commandos track her down and throw her into a Moscow prison.
With Annie MIA, a frustrated Joan blames herself for the mess, while Auggie puts the pieces together and vainly attempts to convince Arthur to sanction a risky rescue mission. Meanwhile, for days on end Annie holds her ground as an interrogator tries to get information out of her. But when he threatens to harm Simon's sister, Annie begins to grow desperate.
Good thing she's got a few good friends who aren't willing to leave her hanging. In a daring solo mission, Eyal Lavin (with some help from Auggie) manages to break Annie out of prison. Now on the run, the two of them must find a way out of the country, not a simple proposition with Annie topping Russia's Most Wanted list. After Annie and Eyal narrowly escape capture at the Moscow train station, the CIA hatches an even more desperate plan to get them out of Russia via a cargo plane on a remote army airfield. But if that last-ditch plan goes awry, Annie and Eyal just might be out of options...

EPISODE PREMIERE: October 23, 2012
Back from Russia, Annie is scheduled to be debriefed at the CIA's farm but is unexpectedly recalled to Langley. Eyal and his Mossad superior Rivka Singer (Tovah Feldshuh) arrive in Washington to ask the CIA's help in obtaining a watch that contains information from a Saudi businessman, Khalid Ansari, with connections high in the US government. Joan assigns Annie to work with them, but tells her not to share the information from the watch with Mossad if she gets it. Eyal and Annie find the Mossad asset (a flight attendant) who had the watch, but she dies, having been poisoned by a rogue former CIA agent now working for Khalid. They discover that she had earlier buried a key to a safe-deposit box. Annie impersonates the asset to recover the watch, but the former agent ambushes her and takes the box that contained the watch. The man escapes Annie and Eyal, but Annie reveals that she had actually hidden the watch on her wrist while accessing the safe deposit box. Despite Joan's orders, Annie gives a copy of the information on the watch to Eyal. When Annie cannot stay in her home due to the memories of being shot by Lena, Eyal offers her his Washington apartment. Later, Eyal and Rivka discuss a larger Mossad operation in which Annie is apparently a target, but Eyal conceals Annie's new whereabouts from Rivka. Meanwhile, Joan had fallen back into an addiction to prescription drugs and resumes attending support group meetings with her former lover Seth, a State Department lawyer.

EPISODE PREMIERE: November 6, 2012
In the wake of the failed drone strike and Annie's discovery of the fake intel from Mossad, the CIA drills down as Arthur prepares to report before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Though Joan instructs Annie to stay away from Eyal, as usual Annie can't help but disobey-especially when Eyal shows up and informs her that Megan Carr, Khalid's girlfriend whom Annie had turned, is in danger. When Annie discovers that Megan is missing from her CIA safehouse and that Khalid's henchman Griffin Cole has been in the area, she fears the worst: Cole has abducted Megan so that Khalid can exact revenge for her betrayal.
As Annie and Eyal set off to West Virginia to track Cole and Megan, Auggie and the rest of the DPD work on sifting through intel to prove that Mossad played them-and try to figure out why. Turns out Mossad has an answer: Eyal went rogue and faked the photo himself because of a personal vendetta against Khalid. Though Annie can't believe that her friend would betray her, she's shocked when Eyal doesn't deny it.
But that revelation still doesn't explain Arthur's suspicion that Zamir Gerson, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture, is somehow connected. Nor does it prepare Annie and Eyal for what they learn when they finally track down Cole...

EPISODE PREMIERE: November 13, 2012
Annie gets word that Megan has been killed in Luxembourg and impersonates Megan's sister to recover Megan's personal effects. She discovers instead that Khalid has set a trap, and with Auggie off in Iraq (participating in Operation Proper Exit) she must rely on Eyal for an escape plan to Zurich. There she and Eyal resolve to find Khalid together. With some help from Joan, they plan to identify and track a courier taking money to Khalid from his father. They discover the courier is Megan, who is killed immediately after rejecting Annie's help, but the killer leaves the money behind. Annie and Eyal return to their safe house in Zurich, but Khalid's men storm the house. Eyal allows himself to be captured so that Annie can escape. She follows Eyal's tracking device to Amsterdam, where she finds only a hidden cell phone with the tracker attached. Meanwhile, Arthur interviews Henry just before his release, and Henry admits that he was the source behind the Mossad intelligence and claims that the drone strike was a success. Arthur then learns that further Senate hearings into the drone strike have been cancelled. 

EPISODE PREMIERE: November 20, 2012
Following Eyal's capture, Khalid Ansari makes Annie an offer: deliver the names of CIA assets working for his father, and he'll free Eyal. Risky as it is, Annie fears that there's no other way to save her friend. So with help from a local hacker, she finds a way to access the intel she needs via the CIA mainframe at the American Consulate in Amsterdam.
But before Annie can trade the information she's downloaded, she gets a surprise visitor: Auggie. Quickly realizing that he can't stop Annie from attempting to rescue Eyal, Auggie presents an alternate plan that could protect both Eyal and the CIA's assets. In a crowded flower market, Annie and Auggie put their plan in motion, managing to escape with Eyal. But when Annie learns that Khalid may soon be beyond the CIA's grasp, she knows she must put an end to his plotting once and for all.
Back in D.C., Annie—fresh off the news that Joan is bumping up her clearance level—gets a bad case of déjà vu when Henry Wilcox, just released from prison, summons her to the diner where Jai was killed. Annie is in for yet another shock later that night, when Auggie shows up at her place with a surprising revelation of his own...

EPISODE PREMIERE: September 17, 2013

Henry Wilcox’s dastardly plan has all come to a head: Teo is dead, Arthur is facing treason charges, Joan and Auggie are suspended from their jobs, and Annie is on the run in Europe. Things are looking dire, but no one is quite ready to give up just yet.
With help from Auggie, Annie makes her way to Frankfurt to look into Henry’s recent visit there, discovering that while in town he met with his ex-wife, Jai’s mother Sana. Meanwhile, the CIA sends in a team, led by Calder, to pull Annie out before the foreign authorities can get to her. The exfiltration team isn’t out for blood—that is, not until Henry’s mysterious red-headed henchman shows up and murders one of the CIA team members, making it look like Annie was the culprit. With Henry back at Langley as a consultant, he’s controlling the situation more than ever. Now Annie is truly running for her life, and, and her only play might be to turn to an unexpected source for help implementing a bold and risky plan.
And so, as the season ends, Annie finds herself just where we saw her as it began: alone in a climbing elevator, saying her goodbyes to Auggie and she races towards a confrontation that could mean the end of life as she knows it.



The day begins with good news: Auggie’s friend Roger has been able to identify the Postman, the mysterious source who leaked the info on the CIA station in Chicago. It turns out the Postman is Harris Wilson, a senior analyst for the NSA who’s been unloading top-secret intel in a hurry, and apparently has more to sell. Joan authorizes Annie to begin surveillance on him, but she’ll have to do it carefully, because Wilson is more well-trained—and dangerous—than the typical desk jockey.
Meanwhile, the Campbells, Calder, and Auggie prepare to attend an exclusive awards gala, but Annie turns down McQuaid’s invitation to accompany him as she’s got staking out to do. Her surveillance offers one lead, but while tailing Wilson Annie is involved in a car crash that lands her in the hospital. Knowing that in the morning the CIA will see her medical file, which now contains the truth about her heart condition, a revelation that will effectively end her career as a field operative, she’s desperate to make a move on Wilson tonight. But she won’t be doing it alone: when Auggie shows up at the hospital, Annie finally comes clean, filling him in on how she enlisted Eyal’s help to seek secret medical care in Israel, and Auggie agrees to help her with what could very well be her final mission.
While they approach Wilson’s wife in an attempt to turn her, Joan, Arthur, Calder and McQuaid schmooze at the gala. As Arthur drums up business for McQuaid Security, Joan faces the chance that her department could lose its funding, and Calder risks exposing his relationship with Sydney. And when her plan goes belly up and Annie returns home in failure, she gets a surprise that puts her in the greatest danger of all.

EPISODE PREMIERE: November 6, 2014
In the aftermath of the bombing attempt on the treaty motorcade, wounds are still fresh. Annie managed to thwart the attack and traitorous Caitlyn is dead, but McQuaid is lying in a hospital bed in critical condition. As Annie sits vigil by his bedside, all she can do is fume over the fact that the mastermind behind the whole plot, diplomat Aleksandre Belenko, is still free. So when Arthur finds a cryptic note in Caitlyn’s calendar about a meeting in Istanbul, Annie jumps at the opportunity to go to Turkey. It’s a long shot, but maybe the meeting is still on and will somehow help her tie Belenko to the Chicago and DC bombings, and—better yet—figure out how to bring him down. 
So Annie is off to Istanbul, where she watches as a former FSB agent meets a notorious arms dealer named Mahmoud Qabbani. Though Annie can’t tell what Qabbani is selling, whatever is in the duffels he’s transporting is very expensive—and likely very dangerous. Annie trails him to a hamam, where she confronts him at gunpoint to get some answers. But before Qabbani can tell Annie anything, another visitor arrives and puts a bullet in the arms dealer. Annie’s fury at having lost her only lead is mitigated only slightly by the fact that the shooter is none other than her old friend Eyal Lavin, sent by Mossad to exact revenge for Qabbani’s involvement in a recent bombing in Israel. 
Perhaps feeling guilty that he blew Annie’s op, Eyal sticks around to help her continue the mission. It’s looking like they’ve hit a dead end until Tony Salgado, Auggie’s friend in the State Department, comes through with some intel: Belenko made a last minute change of plans and is now in Istanbul. It’s obvious that whatever’s in those duffels must be important if the diplomat has come to get them himself, but getting to the bags and nailing Belenko won’t be easy. Looks like Annie and Belenko’s game of cat and mouse is just getting started…