Presidio Med

Presidio Med
TV series 2002-2003

The original ER producing-writing team of John Wells and Lydia Woodward return to their mega-successful roots with a drama about doctors with an in-your-face attitude toward the medical establishment, doctors who put patients first and bureaucracy last. PRESIDIO MED stars a triumvirate of award-winning actresses-Emmy winner Dana Delany and stage veterans Blythe Danner and Anna Deavere Smith-as it chronicles the lives of a group of female physicians in a private San Francisco practice.

Oded Fehr plays Dr. Nicholas Kokoris, a surgeon who has just moved to San Francisco from Greece to join Presidio Med, and who is having an affair with Rae Brennan, one of the group's married physicians. (TV Tome)

Presidio Med cancelled
"Presidio Med" has averaged 7.2 million viewers after eight airings on Wednesday at 10 p.m. The drama shuts down production this week after completing 14 episodes, and its slot will occupied by "48 Hours Investigates." (CNN.COM, January 28, 2003)

Oded Fehr plays Dr. Nicholas Kokoris (surgeon), Dana Delany plays Dr. Rae Brennan (oncologist), Sasha Alexander plays Dr. Jackie Colette (plastic surgeon),
Blythe Danner plays Dr. Harriett Lanning (gynecologist / obstetrician), Anna Deveare Smith plays Dr. Letty Jordan (cardiologist), Julianne Nicholson plays Dr. Jules Keating (
pediatrician), Paul Blackthorne plays Dr. Matt Slingerland (internist)


Episode Guide

Episode 01, This Baby's Gonna Fly Dr. Lanning and Dr. Keating team up to save a newborn baby in distress. Meanwhile, Dr. Keating must grapple with a medical scare that could affect her own ability to have children. Dr. Brennan returns from her yearly foreign medical mission, known as "Doctors Without Borders," where she has been having an affair with a Greek physician. Upon her return, she must help a man deal with the impending death of his father, Otis Clayton, who has cancer. Dr. Slingerland enlists Dr. Jordan to help him convince a high school football coach, Jack Fontina, of his urgent need for heart surgery. At the same time, Dr. Colette brazenly begins her new job by bullying an HMO to approve surgery for an elderly woman. Dr. Nick Kokoris finds himself relocating to San Francisco, to start a new job as a surgeon at Presidio Med and to re-kindle his affair with Dr. Rae Brennan.

Episode 02, Second Chance
Jackie, who hates treating burn victims, turns down a case involving a firefighter who was badly burned in an explosion, but the patient's best friend tries his best to change her mind. Elsewhere, Jules undergoes a biopsy and nervously awaits the results; Rae and Sean agree to work on their troubled marriage; Matt and Letty try to get a football coach to have much-needed heart surgery; Nick tells Rae that he wants to see her, but she turns him down.

Episode 03, Do No Harm
Dr. Jordan and her physician husband, Dr. Roback, argue over how to get a mother to take her obese boy’s weight issue seriously. Rae attends to a young cancer patient who needs a liver transplant; Harriet tries to help a 14-year-old girl who is upset over her pregnant mother's intention of giving up her new baby; Jackie operates on a burned firefighter and attempts to encourage the man's distraught girlfriend.

Episode 04, When Approaching a Let-Go
A cable car worker believed to have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is diagnosed with a serious heart problem by Drs. Slingerland and Jordan. Jules signs up at a sperm bank and struggles through the process of selecting an acceptable donor; ; Harriet confronts a pregnant patient who is using heroin; ; Rae tries to get Sean to go with her to an elaborate fund-raiser. Also, Dr. Colette learns that Will Raymond, the firefighter whose burns she treated, is falling in love with her!

Episode 05, Secrets
Rae and Nick try to persuade the parents of a 10-year-old boy with sickle-cell anemia to tell their son that he has the disease; Matt agrees to donate sperm to fertilize Jules' eggs, but he experiences unforeseen difficulty in living up to his end of the bargain; Jackie is encouraged to bring in more business and she reluctantly attends a party promoting Botox, a substance used to temporarily smooth facial wrinkles. Harriet attempts to convince a pregnant woman with heart problems that she should deliver her baby early. Also, Matt's father visits from England and a gay man's son and his partner are at odds over whether he should have a needed heart operation.

Episode 06, Milagros
Drs. Kokoris and Slingerland fight over how to treat an elderly diabetic man whom Dr. Slingerland believes needs his leg amputated. Meanwhile, Dr. Colette performs a facelift on an aging actor who insists on keeping his surgery a secret. A 3 year old girl swallows a crucifix, but her parents refuse to have it removed, thinking it may be a sign from God. And a panicked 39-year-old man with a family history of heart disease fears he won't live to see his 40th birthday.

Episode 07, Once Upon a Family
A gay man decides to turn off his heart defibrillator; Jules treats a young boy who has come in to have a schoolyard cut stitched up. During the examination, she notes some severe bruising on the boy's back and wonders if he is the victim of abuse. Meanwhile, Harriet plays matchmaker when she connects a high-powered Type A attorney who is having trouble conceiving with a teenaged girl who wants to give up her unwanted baby for adoption, but the teen's dad interferes; and an obnoxious patient causes trouble for Rae, Jackie and Nick.

Episode 08, Pick Your Battles
Nick gets into trouble after he performs surgery on the patient of another physician without the doctor's consent; and Rae and Sean see a marriage counselor. Elsewhere, Matt tries to help a 19-year-old student who is beginning to act bizarrely, possibly because of his rigorous exercise program and strict diet; Jules and Jackie discover someone is forging prescriptions, so they put together a profile of the thief based on the medicine that's being taken.

Episode 09, Suffer Unto Me, the Children
Harriet delivers 30-week-old twins, who are immediately put into intensive care; Claire, a new resident, is forced to deliver her first baby when Harriet is detained and complications ensue when the mom starts bleeding badly.

Episode 10, With Grace
When Dr. Brennan diagnoses Grace Rothman, a high-spirited nine-year-old girl with leukemia, she is confident that she can make her well. But when the treatments don't work as planned, Dr. Brennan begins to feel like a failure. Meanwhile, as her marriage to Sean continues to come apart, Dr. Brennan finds herself drawn to Dr. Kokoris.

Episode 11, Breathless
When a teenaged boy shows signs of depression after coming out to his parents, Dr. Keating tries to prevent him from taking drastic measures. Meanwhile, one of Dr. Slingerland’s patients decides to sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order after growing weary of awaiting a lung donor.

Episode 12, Good Question
(didn't air in the U.S.)
Episode 13, Best of Enemies
(didn't air in the U.S.- no Oded in it)
Episode 14, Cascading
(didn't air in the U.S.)
Episode 15, Happy Ending
(wasn't filmed)
Episode 16, In the Silence
(wasn't filmed)