Sleeper Cell: American Terror

Showtime TV series - Season 2 -2006/2007

Oded's role
Season 2: Oded Fehr plays Faris Al-Farik, a charismatic but deadly Arab who is trying to avenge his defeat in Los Angeles.


Darwyn Al-Sayeed: Michael Ealy
Faris Al-Farik: Oded Fehr
Ilija Korjenic: Henry Lubatti
Mina: Thekla Reuten
Salim: Omid Abtahi
Benny Velasquez: Kevin Alejandro
Gayle Bishop: Melissa Sagemiller
Agent Russell: Jay R. Ferguson
Agent Serxner: Sonya Walger
Agent Diaz: Carlos Gomez

Glenn Beck Show transcript

Tales of terror and disaster: 'Sleeper Cell,' 'Tsunami'
... It's hard to imagine an acting challenge more difficult than the one faced by Oded Fehr in "Sleeper Cell: American Terror."

In the second season of this solid Showtime series (8 p.m. Sunday), as in the first, he plays Islamic terrorist Faris Al-Farik, a man who not only plans heinous deeds but indeed looks forward to the resulting death tolls.

In Fehr's hands, as much as you despise the character's twisted goals, you never lose sight of the beliefs that drive Al-Farik. The man's tenacity and determination must be acknowledged, as well as his charismatic reserve.

The series would fall apart if Al-Farik were a cardboard cutout villain. Who'd want to watch eight hours of this man's journey if he were just a shallow action-movie bad guy? But thanks to Fehr's brave, layered performance, it's impossible to ignore Al-Farik or the ideas that motivate him...
By Maureen Ryan ( December 8, 2006

Episode Guide - Season 2

#1. Al-Baqara: About to start a new life with Gayle and Marcus, Darwyn finds himself sucked back into another LA-based Sleeper Cell.

#2. Salesman: Darwyn struggles not only with his new position as leader of the cell but also with his new FBI Case Agent - Warren Russell - whose lack of field experience may make him more of a hindrance than a help.

#3. Torture: Darwyn discovers that his new cell's attack operation will involve nuclear material.

#4. Faith: In Najran, Saudi Arabia, the newly-freed Farik uses all his resources to further the nuclear plot against Los Angeles.

#5. Home: Believing the nuclear material is about to arrive at the Port of L.A., Darwyn alerts the FBI to prep for picking up the nuke and taking down the cell.

#6. School: Darwyn struggles with having to work for a new boss - the new cell leader, who cuts Darwyn out of the loop of planning the cell's upcoming attack.

#7. Fitna: As the 4th of July dawns, the cell prepares to launch two coordinated dirty bomb attacks on the city of L.A., while Darwyn and the FBI move to shut them down - but despite law enforcement's best efforts, the victory over terrorism is far from complete.

#8. Reunion: Blaming himself for Gayle's death and Mina's successful suicide bomb attack, Darwyn embarks on a suicide mission of his own, heading to Yemen to seek out Farik one last time.