What the critics say

"But stealing every scene he's in is Oded Fehr as the leader of the secret society watching over Imhotep -- with his strong, beautiful face, flowing black robes, fount of mystical knowledge, and penchant for self-sacrifice, he's like a sexy Obi-Wan Kenobi. Fehr is an actor to keep an eye on."
           ~ Flickfilosopher

"Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bay, leader of the guardians, is intriguing but barely on-screen."
           ~ Michael Redman

"One notable exception to that grotesque stereotype is the leader of a band of mystic tribesmen (played by striking newcomer Oded Fehr). This man wanders the Sahara, waving his scimitar overhead, but evidently he has time for regular shampooing and conditioning. How? Ancient Egyptian secret."
           ~ Mr Showbiz

"The supporting cast is equally up to the task. In the future look for the Israeli actor, Oded Fehr. In The Mummy, he is notable as the leader of a people that have guarded against the discovery of the cursed Mummy since the days of ancient Egypt."
          ~ Phil Mockel

"Everyone runs into Ardeth Bey (Oded Fehr), the tattooed nomad leader, who along with the Curator (Erick Avari), is trying very unsucessfully to keep everyone away from Hamunaptra. Ardeth is such a striking character, I found myself wishing the O'Connell character would find himself slain by a curse upon those who smirk too much, so I could watch the sand sizzle between Ardeth and Evelyn."
           ~ Mare Stern