UC: Undercover
TV series, 13 episodes (2001-2002)

Oded Fehr plays the head of an elite Justice Department undercover unit, which protects America from its deadliest criminals, in NBC's drama series "UC: Undercover."

"If the Justice Department stands a chance against the world's most extreme criminals, it's with this extremely unorthodox Special Operations Group of five elite undercover agents. For their high-wire work, they get to shoot and drive some incredible high-tech machinery. They get the secret satisfaction of going up against the best of the worst. And, if they live, they get to fight another day."

Oded Fehr plays "Frank Donovan" former FBI agent, now head of  the Undercover team including Jon Seda (Jake Shaw), Vera Farmiga (Alex Cross), Jarrad Paul (Cody), Bruklin Harris (Monica Davis)


Other cast members and guest stars
Grant Show (John Keller), William Forsythe (Sonny Walker), Ving Rhames (Quito Real),  Steven Bauer (Carlos Cortez) , Angie Everhart (Carly), Brian Markinson (Paul Bloom), Le'Mark Cruise (Headache), Colin Cunningham

Episode Guide
#01 Life On The Wire
#02 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
#03 Of Fathers & Sons
#04 Once Upon A Time . . . In The Hood
#05 Honor Among Thieves
#06 Nobody Rides For Free
#07 City On Fire

#08 The Siege
#09 Zero Option
#10 Hunting Armando
#11 Teddy C
#12 Manhunt
#13 The Sins Of Sonny Walker