TV Series (ABC) - Season 2 (3 episodes)

Actor Oded Fehr has joined the 'V' cast playing a radical Fifth Columnist named Eli Cohn. Erica Evans's Fifth Column cell will have to decide whether or not to join with him or take him down for being too extreme. Erica and Eli also share a mysterious, dark secret.

"We're about to meet a much more radical faction of the Fifth Column on V, as Eli Cohn, referenced in the most recent episode, makes his debut in the fourth episode of Season 2 ."

2.04 Unholy Alliance

"Unholy Alliance" introduced us to Oded Fehr's Eli Cohn, the radical Fifth Column extremist who's been lurking in the shadows all season long. Erica, Jack and the rest of the gang wind up forming a loose, temporary pact with the guy after Erica learns that his late wife also had her uterus tampered with by the Visitors... (IGN)
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2.05 Concordia

Anna uses her newest gift to mankind, "Concordia," as a cover to hide an invading fleet of breeding vessels that will be used to ensure the perpetuation of Visitors for future generations. Meanwhile, Eli Cohn tries to convince Erica and the Fifth Column that the "Concordia" gala is the perfect time to assassinate Anna.

2.06 Siege

Anna enlists Ryan to help in efforts to eliminate the Fifth Column; the Vatican orders Father Travis to have Jack leave the church; Lisa meets her grandmother.

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