11/25/2022 Oded Fehr attends Comic Con in Stuttgart: link to the official site

11/26/2022 A few updates: In "La Cocina" (2023) he plays Rashid. (post-production). He is voicing Osiris in the video game " Destiny 2: The Witch Queen". He plays Ben Dollarhyde in the  2021 movie "Lair". In the movie Mission: The Prophet (Missiya: Prorok) from 2021 he plays Felix and in the short " A Score in the Vinyl" he plays Amir Nasar.

09/22/2021 Oded Fehr plays Colin Kent in the TV series FBI

2/7/2021  Star Trek Discoery: co-showrunner Michelle Paradise confirmed in an interview that Oded Fehr will be returning as Admiral Vance for Season 4

11/06/2020 Oded will be in Star Trek Discovery

06/25/2020 The Theory of General Relativity ⎮ Junior Breakthrough Challenge by Atticus Fehr

06/16/2020 Don't miss Oded Fehr - Azelie's Conversations on YouTube

06/16/2020 New roles in Younger and Lair

06/04/2019 Oded Fehr plays Karim Farouk in the new series "Blood & Treasure" on CBS

08/17/2018 The First will premiere on Hulu September 14th

07/26/2018 Oded is playing in a new Israeli TV series called "When Heroes Fly"

07/26/2018 New 
trailer for The First

Oded Fehr interview at FearCon 2017 on YouTube

11/11/2017  Oded voices Osiris in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris (release December 5th)

10/23/2017 Report of Oded Fehr at FearCon in Bonn, Germany

9/6/2017 Oded in the short film "Seam" :
Watch the film on Vimeo

9/6/2017 Oded will attend FearCon in Bonn, Germany in October

9/6/2017 Oded is playing in a Russian movie called "Oracle" (2018) -  interview, video

6/3/17 Oded is playing in a movie by Paul Raschid called "White Chamber" (2018)

4/3/17 Oded plays Asim Naseri on 24: Legacy

1/10/2017 Once Upon a Time episode 
6.15 A Wondrous Place with Oded Fehr as Jafar will air in April

1/10/2017 Oded Fehr will attend Rogue's Storybrooke 3 convention from April 28-30 in Blackpool, UK

9/21/2016 Oded will appear as Jafar in an upcoming episode of Once Upon a Time / will air 9/25

Oded will join CoastCon 40 on March 3-5, 2017

7/11/2016 Oded will appear at World Premiere of Batman Unlimited: Mech vs. Mutants panel at San Diego Comic Con, Sunday, July 24,  12:15pm - 1:45pm

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